This template generates rows for the table used in the page Familiar Tier List.


Insert/Replace arguments/numbers by:

  • 1: exact name of the familiar
  • 2: exact name of the skill
  • 3: chose a color:
    • Brown = Multi-hit attacks, meaning it can hit a target multiple times.
    • Orange = Fork skills, multi-hit attacks in a cone area.
    • Red = AOE damage, to all targets, or less if so said.
    • Cyan = Sweeping attacks, hitting target from left to right.
    • Teal = Single target damage
    • Blue = Party buff
    • Green = Heal/resurrect/block, counter-attack
    • Purple = Enemy debuff
    • Magenta = Upon Death
    • Varies = Use if a skill can adopt various strike patterns
  • 4-8: Stats
  • 9: Skill Pattern (Sweeping, Cone, Random)
  • based: (Optional) Skill based (AGI/WIS/ATK)
  • rarity: Familiar rarity (use L/M/EP), default value is EP.

Header for the table should use the "TierBegin" template, and the table should be closed with the "TierEnd" template.