Skills can be used by elementals in battle to gain an edge over foes. Some Skills boost allies stats, some heal, some are designed to do extra damage, or damage multiple foes.

Skills can level. Every elemental starts with a skill at level one, and through sacrificing other elementals can level up to twenty. The higher the Skill level, the higher the proc rate (chance that it will get used in battle). The Proc rate can be found on a elemental detail page as a percentage.

Offensive Skills Edit

Stat Based SkillsEdit

There are currently four Stat based classifications:

ATK Based
DEF Based
WIS Based
AGI Based

Position DependencyEdit

Another skills classification is by its position dependency:
Position Dependent
Position Independent

Skill Attack PatternsEdit

There are six skill attack patterns.
Sweeping skills are those that attack multiple times but hit each familiar only once.
AoE skills are those that attack once, but hit multiple enemies.
Multi-Attack skills are those that attack multiple times and can hit the same foe more than once.
Single-Attack skills are those that attack a single target. e.g. Void Flare
Fork-Attack skills are those that attack in the following pattern: one directly ahead, and one on each side in multi-hit typically 4-2-1-3-5 sequence. Certain Fork-attack skills only hit 2 or 3 foes.
Varies skills are those that attack with a random outcome, triggering other skills that use any other attack pattern.

Opening Skills Edit

Buffs are skills that raise stats or increase proc rates.

Debuffs are skills that lower stats or silence foes.

Ward skills reduce incoming damage based on their type; Physical, Magical, or Breath.

Please note that most opening skills *do* stack. <examples of non stackable skills> are examples of opening skills that do not stack.

Reactive SkillsEdit

Skills triggered upon the enemy team attacking. e.g. Cragforge

Upon Death SkillsEdit

Skills triggered upon the death of your familiar, and it is exempted from any buff/debuff/affliction skills.

A list of skills that trigger upon death can be found here: Upon Death Skills

Passive SkillsEdit

none known passive skills until now