Tier List for both guild and individual Player vs. Player events.

Each ranked familiar's name, skill name, type of skill, and stats are listed below. (Stats are PE)

Tier AEdit

This tier holds the familiars that are the best at this event. It is rare to find high ranking teams that do not consist solely of these familiars.


Cavalry School (Mounted) Horseman (Force:4,Upkeep:1/hr,Load:10) Stats Strong (Range, Siege) Weak (Ground, Defense) Attack(1s)Defense(1s)Life(1s)Speed(5s)

Barracks (Ground) Footman (Force:2,Upkeep:1/hr,Load:8) Stats Strong (Mounted, Siege) Weak (Ranged, Defense) Attack(1s)Defense(1s)Life(1s)Speed(4s)

Shooting Range (Ranged) Spierwielder (Force:2,Upkeep:1/hr,Load:8) Stats Strong (Ground,Siege) Weak (Mounted,Defense) Attack(1s)Defense(1s)Life(1s)Speed(4s)

Siege Workshop (Siege) Ballista (Force:4,Upkeep:1/hr,Load:10) Stats Strong (Mounted,Seige) Weak (Ground, Ranged, Mounted) Attack(1s)Defense(1s)Life(1s)Speed(4s)

Tier BEdit

This tier contains characters that are not extraordinarily gifted in terms of stats, utility, or damage. A team of these familiars can easily ascend to high ranks but will find difficulty in achieving the highest.


Tier CEdit

This is the lowest tier that will be mentioned. Anyone on this list, while not good for advanced payers, is excellent for those new to the game. These familiars are here either because of poor stats or very situational skills. High placing with these characters is difficult but not impossible.